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The myFolder website is only compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser. If you are running Internet Explorer 11 or newer, you will have to use compatibility mode.

1) Click the Tools (gear) icon.
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3) Next type and click ADD.

Need a backup version of one your myFolder files?

You can retrieve backup files saved in myFolder by clicking the "myBackups" button below. Backups of myFolder are performed nightly starting at 11:30pm.

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If you're using a browser that doesn't meet the requirements for myFolder, but would like to check the amount of space you're currently using, click the "myQuota" button below.

myFolder to be replaced by Box

Box will replace the current myFolder or H Drive function that has previously been used to remotely access personal work documents. Your personal file storage limit in Box is 50GB. Information Services is asking all faculty staff and students to move or delete their data from the myFolder or H Drive prior to its shut down on October 3, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Information Services, Technical Support at (402) 554-4357 or


You asked. We listened. is here!

The new student e-mail system powered by Google.

Go to for the latest.

System Announcements


If you still have trouble with Microsoft Vista and myFolder after trying our normal solutions, download and apply this patch (You MUST Reboot your PC after installation). Your connection problems to myFolder should be resolved.

Click HERE to download the file

Save the file to your Desktop, then double-click to run it.


If you have trouble opening Acrobat PDF files from myFolder, please visit the UNO INSTALL Server. Scroll down the page and locate the "Patches for Windows XP for PDFs" entry and follow the directions. (You MUST reboot your PC after installation of the patches).